What is Grants Pro?

Grant writing, direct mail, events, planned giving, newsletters, websites, social media, and memberships are some of the basic fundraising tools non-profit organizations use to generate needed income.  While the Grants Pro team has 25 years of experience in the use of all these tools, grant writing is by far our best skill and the only service we offer at this time.   If you want amazing research on foundation, corporate, or government funding sources and the high-quality grant proposals that are needed to win the money, Grants Pro is an excellent choice.

That said, the Grants Pro team is always available to talk with you, free of charge, about the other fundraising tools listed above.  In the end, if we can help you to connect to another specialist we use or simply share ideas that have worked for us, we have helped a good cause – your non-profit organization!

How Does Grants Pro Work?

Writing and winning grants requires unique and practiced skills.  Without doubt, the more you write and receive grants, the more successful and comfortable you are in starting a project and guiding it to a glorious, funded conclusion.  Grants Pro has a straightforward method of understanding your goals and proceeding to results.  Simply put, we talk with you about an hour or two, get to work researching your ideal grant makers, and then to constructing sincere and convincing proposals. Normally, a new client provides a modest packet of organizational information including its annual budget, board list, promotional materials, and even some old grants it may have used with various results.  Grants Pro takes it from there. 

The Grants Pro pledge is to conduct exhaustive grant maker research and to write stunning proposals that are remarkably organized, carefully personalized, and effective where it counts - convincing foundations, corporations, or government agencies to make the award.

Donor Research

Combining your ideas with ours, Grants Pro uses state-of-the-art research tools to search through thousands of local, state, and national foundations as well as corporate and government funding programs.  Our research results in a document we call “Grant Maker Profiles”.    Grant Maker Profiles include everything an applicant needs to quickly understand a particular foundation, corporate, or government grant maker.  Grant Maker Profiles include complete contact information, assets and spending patterns, instructions for writing proposals, due dates for proposals, previous awardees, and much more.  Grant Maker Profiles also come with action recommendations by Grants Pro that are placed upon each of the profiles themselves.   These bulleted recommendations are what the Grants Pro team believes to be the best course of action to secure an award.   Private foundations, corporate giving programs, and government funding agencies are only included in your custom Grant Maker Profiles document when they match your funding needs.

Writing Proposals

With donor research and the Grant Maker Profiles completed - usually within two weeks - the Grants Pro team writes one or more proposals depending upon your respective needs.  Typically, our clients require money for operating expenses, equipment, programs, salaries, technology, vehicles, and even for fundraising costs.   Through e-mails and/or telephone calls, you have unlimited opportunities to edit the grant proposals we prepare.  Because we understand your sense of urgency, our turn-around time is as short as possible.   With extensive experience in preparing grants for a wide variety of clients, new proposals are not only stunning in content and appearance, but are also prepared more quickly than would normally be expected.  By personalizing each proposal for each grant maker, one or a few proposals work perfectly for dozens of grant makers who are being pitched for various non-profit needs.  

The proposals prepared by Grants Pro are praised by all our clients who include food banks, animal humane societies, environmental organizations, and other kinds of non-profit organizations.     And while our proposals are appreciated because they are well organized, based upon documentation, easy to follow, and even use illustrations, in the end it is the checks for $1,000, $10,000, $100,000, and even $1,000,000 that makes us all cheer.

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No Better Price For The Quality

Typically, Grants Pro researches and prepares grant proposals with a combined total ask of $1 million.   This varies widely since some clients need just a few thousand dollars while others are pursuing multi-million dollar capital campaigns.  Clients pay Grants Pro between $6,000 to $18,000 annually depending upon the frequency of interaction and the volume of research and grantwriting that is requested. The average Grants Pro client pays $9,000 annually, or $750 per month. The minimum return any of these respective clients receive over a year-long period is $250,000 in grant awards. Most clients are realizing grant receipts far beyond that, even over $1 million for capital campaigns. Payments are requested in monthly installments after receiving an itemized invoice for work performed that month by Grants Pro, making your outlay easy to make through the year.  Under this plan, you have essentially added one of the best grant writing teams in the United States to your staff, available 24-7 the whole year.   Other payment scenarios are routine; for example, when a client wants helpw on a single grant.  Here the costs are in the hundreds of dollars.  It usually takes only three or four months before grants are flowing.  Within just a few months, Grants Pro's clients realize remarkable returns on this sensible and responsible investment in fundraising.

Grants Pro encourages you to conduct some comparison shopping.  What's more, we are happy to discuss the results achieved by our clients.

Who Is Grants Pro?

John and Cynthia MorrillJohn and Cynthia Morrill have 25 years' experience in non-profit fundraising. The titles they have shared include Development Director, Chief Development Officer, Executive Director, Volunteer Coordinator, Grants Manager, Communications Director, and Data Base Manager.  They have worked for Members of Congress, food banks, international relief organizations, public advocacy groups, human service organizations, and church mission projects.  

As the Writer for Grants Pro, John holds a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Southern California and certificates from several extended grant writing courses.  John writes about 1,000 grants each year and frequently speaks about fundraising and marketing non-profit organizations in Florida and nationally. As Researcher for Grants Pro, Cynthia is a master at web-based research and the artist behind the legendary Grant Maker Profiles produced by Grants Pro.



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