A Few Testimonials About John Morrill




  • The Wichita Falls Area Food Bank received $622,927  in 2008 from grants John wrote.  Quote from Mary Stengel, ED:   “Hi John, I just pulled a report on foundations who gave to us for the whole year of 2008. Of the grand total of $641,589, your grant writing brought in $622,927. I would say: “Take a bow John, you deserve it.” “Thank you so much!


  • The Food Bank of West Central Texas (Abilene) received $160,000 toward a new truck from a grant John wrote.  Quote from Jody Houston, ED:  “Good news! We received all three grants totaling way more than we really need for our new truck.  Thanks so much for doing such a great job on the proposals. Thanks for making my week from Hell so much easier. You just don't know how wonderful it is to be able to count on you!”


  • The Inter-Faith Food Shuttle (Raleigh) received $381,000 in October 2008 from a grant John wrote.  Quote from Jill Bullard, ED: “There is no one better than you,  Period.  You can start charging me a little more (but not too much more, but some as I plan to go after 2 federal grants and I know those are a huge amount of work.)


  • The Citrus Community Food Bank (SDO of Tampa Bay Food Bank) received $25,000 from Winn-Dixie Foundation and $25,000 from Fed Ex Foundation toward their capital campaign from grants John wrote.  Quote from the Capital Campaign Chair Diane Toto: “Oh my God – the Winn-Dixie grant for $25,000 just gave birth – Fed Ex is matching it with the grant you wrote”. 


  • Operation Food Search in St. Louis received a handful of $10,000 grants  for Back Pack and general operating support from grants John wrote:  Quote from Sunny Schaefer, ED:  “As always, love your work.  Thanks, thanks, thanks.”


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